This Podcast seeks to answer one simple question.

How do you build a business that people feel compelled to talk about?

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What does it take to create a remarkable business or brand? One which can't help but attract active advocates and fanatical fans?

Each week, Jay Tinkler seeks to uncover the essential building blocks of remarkable organisations, from the individuals who’ve put them in place it and the people who understand what they are, why they work and how they fit together. The Remarkable Project follows the path that experts including scientists, entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators and more, have walked when developing wildly successful and remarkable companies.

Come and join the journey as we answer the question, “how do you build a business that people feel compelled to talk about?”

Cat Matson - IMPACT Coach

Cat Matson is the CEO and lead facilitator of Impactful Presenters, a business which empowers founders, owners and community leaders to speak with confidence, authority, authenticity and impact. A popular and accomplished speaker, MC and moderator, Cat is known for her straight-talking, 'realness' and extracting 'the juice' from her clients.

Describing herself as a 'Mistress-of-all-Trades', Cat has worked in both the private and public sectors, in small and large business and in virtually every industry. She has advised Mayors and CEOs; developed city-shaping strategies; interviewed extraordinary industry leaders from social enterprise to deep tech and everything in between. 

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Nuala Walsh - Behavioural Scientist & Author

Nuala is an independent non-executive director, behavioural scientist, visiting fellow at the London School of Economics and author of Tune In: How to Make Smarter Decisions In a Noisy World.

Recognised among the 100 Most Influential Women in Finance, she spent three decades in global asset management with Blackrock, Merrill Lynch and Standard Life Aberdeen as Chief Marketing Officer. As MindEquity CEO, she advises blue-chip companies, human rights and sports organisations.

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Kristi Herold - Author, CEO & Play Advocate

Kristi Herold helps people connect and companies unlock profit through play. Her vision is to get 1 million people playing annually. She is the founder and CEO of JAM, one of the world’s largest adult recreational sports league providers as well as a team of PLAYmakers who help corporate cultures thrive.

JAM has connected millions of people from all walks of life, through play since its inception in 1996, with its sports leagues operating in 12 different cities across Canada and the USA. The company has produced and delivered over 3,500 corporate events, connecting hundreds of thousands of people through play in over 30 different countries. Today JAM offers a wide range of virtual, hybrid and in-person play-based team building and learning experiences designed to help corporate cultures thrive.

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Matt Johnson - Author & Cognitive Psychologist

Matt Johnson, PhD is a speaker, writer, and researcher, specialising in the application of psychology and neuroscience to branding and marketing.

Following his PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Princeton University, his work has probed the science of brand storytelling, experiential marketing, and consumer decision-making. He is the author of top-selling consumer psychology book, ‘Blindsight: The (Mostly) Hidden Ways Marketing Reshapes Our Brains’ (BenBella, 2020), and most recently, ‘Branding That Means Business’ (Economist Books, Fall 2022). In 2023, Matt was inducted into Thinkers50 Radar as one of 30 business thinkers with ideas most likely to shape the future.

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John Sills - Author & Customer Experience Expert

John Sills is Managing Partner at the customer-led growth company, The Foundation, and author of The Human Experience.

25 years ago, he started his career on a market stall in Essex, and since then has worked in and with companies around the world to make things better for customers. He’s been in front-line teams delivering the experience, innovation teams designing the propositions, and global HQ teams creating the strategy. He's been a bank manager during the financial crisis (not fun), launched a mobile app to millions of people (very fun), and regularly visits strangers’ houses to ask very personal questions (incredible fun).

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Alison Shamir - Imposter Syndrome Expert & Coach

Alison Shamir is an International Speaker, Certified Coach and Media Contributor. As a founder herself and someone who has experience imposter syndrome firsthand, Alison has dedicated her own career to empower global organisations, teams & individuals with the knowledge, tools and methods they need to overcome Imposter Syndrome and present and perform as their most confident selves.

She combines both lived experience and professional expertise to help her clients make transformative change.

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Chris Wallace - Marketing & Customer Experience Strategist

As a marketing and customer experience strategist, Chris’ expertise centre’s on how organizations can improve alignment, between their go-to-market strategies and their frontline channels (sales, customer service, support, etc.). As President of InnerView, Chris and team have developed the breakthrough InFront platform, which applies market research processes to collect and analyse employee and partner, perceptions of customer needs and company value proposition.

Apart from his client work, Chris is also an adjunct marketing professor at Villanova University (MBA) and is regularly published in outlets including, Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Ad Age. 

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Carla Johnson - Innovation Architect & Author

Carla Johnson helps leaders paralyzed by traditional thinking and teams that lack purpose and progress. As the world’s leading Innovation Architect, Carla’s spent 20 years helping leaders shatter limits and discover undiscovered possibilities. Through years of research, she’s developed frameworks and processes that teach people how to consistently produce inspired ideas that lead to uncommon outcomes.

In this episode, we delve into the core themes of Carla's acclaimed book, Re:Think Innovation, where she challenges conventional thinking and invites readers to embrace creativity as a driving force for change.

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Paul Zak - Neuroscientist, Author & Tech Co-Founder

Dr. Paul J. Zak, PhD, has been on a quest to understand the neuroscience of human connection, human happiness, and effective teamwork. His academic lab and companies he has started develop and deploy neuroscience technologies to solve real problems faced by real people.​

Fascinated by how to reduce the amount of wasted energy in creating experiences that are of no actual value to the end user, Paul looks at ways to harness brain imaging to understand what truly delights our customers.

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Mark Carpenter - Best Selling Author & Storytelling Expert

Mark teaches people how to more intentionally tell stories that teach, lead, sell, and inspire to accomplish business and personal goals. He is the co-author of the best-selling book “Master Storytelling: How to Turn Your Experiences Into Stories that Teach, Lead, and Inspire” and co-creator of the Master Storytelling Workshop.

Leveraging a 20-year career in corporate communication, 10 years working as an adjunct professor of communication, and 15 years facilitating training, Mark couples a lively, engaging style with purposeful, impactful learning.

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Shahin Hoda - Founder of xGrowth

Shahin Hoda is the Founder of xGrowth, a B2B growth agency helping organisations close more mid-market and large enterprise deals. He’s making that happen by popularising Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in Australia, working alongside B2B leaders to implement ABM strategies and build predictable revenue engines.

When he’s not busy building ABM campaigns, he’s either playing a game of Tennis in Richmond (which he usually loses) or looking up smoothie recipes (because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a nice smoothie).

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Mark Schaefer - Best-Selling Author & Educator

Mark W. Schaefer is a globally-recognised keynote speaker, educator, business consultant, futurist, and author who writes for {grow} – one of the world’s top marketing blogs.

He is the bestselling author of 10 books including ‘The Tao of Twitter’ (the world’s top-selling book on Twitter), ‘The Content Code’, named by INC magazine as one of the Top Five marketing books of the year, and ‘KNOWN’, the all-time bestselling book on personal branding. Mark’s new book ‘Belonging to the Brand: Why Community is the Last Great Marketing Strategy’ describes an essential new path to connect to customers in the modern digital world.

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Bryan Kramer - Creator of the Human to Human Movement

Once described as the “Zen Master to Digital Marketers” by Forbes, Bryan Kramer is a renowned business strategist, global keynote speaker, executive trainer and coach, investor, two-time bestselling author including a TOP 150 USA best-selling book, and Forbes contributor.

Bryan also created a global movement and is known for his keynotes, book, and talks on the H2H concept, stating “There is no B2B or B2C, it’s Human-to-Human, H2H.”

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Aden Levin - Co-Founder of Karen's Diner.

Aden Levin is the co-founder of Viral Ventures, a leading immersive hospitality company that uses data and technology to drive global experiences. They operate 18 venues globally, offering uniquely different experiences which range from the “rude dining” of Karen’s Diner through to creative cocktails at The Alice.

Every aspect of Viral Ventures’ business is focused on creating unusual, unexpected and remarkable experiences that provide customers with something which steps beyond the typical.

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Paul Dunn - Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of B1G1. 

Paul Dunn is a four-time TEDx speaker, entrepreneur, author and co-founder of B1G1: Business for Good, the history-making Global Giving Initiative that’s already enabled businesses to create over 312 Million giving impacts globally.

He speaks passionately to audiences around the world about Purpose and how we now can (and almost certainly need to) move beyond being Purpose-Driven to becoming Impact-Driven.

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Michael Croaker - Head of Entertainment, Village Roadshow Theme Parks. 

Michael Croaker is an award winning 30-year theme park veteran.

After an already established career in theme parks, Michael was appointed to the role of Head of Entertainment for Village Roadshow Theme Parks in 2005, where he not only led diverse creative teams through compelling day trade content within Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World and Paradise Country, but, together with his creative team, produce an annual series of large-scale park events including Fright Nights, Hooray For Hollywood, Carnivale and White Christmas.

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Stacey Brown Randall - Referral Expert, Coach & Author 

Stacey believes the easiest way to grow a business is through referrals, but knows that going after them can feel awkward. Even desperate. So, Stacey teaches business owners how to generate referrals naturally – without asking, manipulating or incentivising – to ensure that they don’t have to compromise their values or their relationships as they go about it.

Her focus areas are business owners in the legal, financial, professional services, real estate and design industries, and she’s the multiple award-winning author of ‘Generating Business Referrals Without Asking’.

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Shervin Talieh - Founder and CEO at PartnerHero

Shervin Talieh is the founder and CEO of PartnerHero, an operations software and outsourcing company focused on new economy businesses. After seeing how outsourcing was essentially “a race to the bottom” during his time at technology startups and large consultancies, Shervin set out to build something different and focus on the humans at the centre of operations and outsourcing. His approach of “culture leads, success follows” allows PartnerHero to hire exceptional talent from around the world, and attract companies who are looking for more than inexpensive labour.

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Robert Chesnut - Former Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb

Rob joined Airbnb in early 2016, growing their in-house legal function from 30 to over 150 professionals in 20 offices around the world. His team led initiatives to promote home sharing and address regulatory issues with local governments and landlords around the world. He also developed a popular interactive employee program, Integrity Belongs Here, to help drive ethics throughout the culture at the company.

His book Intentional Integrity: How Smart Companies Can Lead an Ethical Revolution was published by St Martin’s Press in July 2020, and acts as an extension of his work helping companies develop strategies to drive integrity into their culture. He lives in San Francisco, CA.

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Rob Sinclair - CEO of E&S 

Rob Sinclair is the CEO and business owner of e&s, a family-owned business started by his father Bob Sinclair and his two brothers in 1962.

Rob always had a passion to work with his father and to build up the e&s business, so 30 years ago joined it full time with a staff of 12. Over the years many things have changed, including growth to nine stores and over 300 people across the company. Having grown up around the business, Rob’s experience with suppliers, brands and customers have made him an expert in the field of customer experience and the name E&S synonymous with selling kitchen, bathroom, and laundry appliances across nine Melbourne metropolitan stores. . 

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Jack Delosa - Founder of The Entourage 

Jack Delosa builds businesses. He is the founder of Australia's largest business coaching and training provider, The Entourage, which has a community of over 550,000 members. Since 2010, The Entourage has helped their members add over $2 billion in value to their businesses. Under his leadership, The Entourage has been awarded the 4th Best Place To Work In Australia, and Top 50 Australiasia, by AFR's Best Places To Work.

Prior to The Entourage, Jack co-founded MBE Group, which helped small to medium sized businesses raise money from investors. MBE enabled their clients to raise over $300 million from investors and would go on to become one of Australia's fastest growing companies. 

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James Chin Moody - CEO & Founder Sendle 

James Chin Moody is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sendle, Australia's first 100% carbon neutral courier service, specifically designed for small businesses in the eCommerce space and the country’s first technology B Corp.

Sendle has levelled the playing field for small businesses by offering affordable, flat-rate shipping for less than standard parcel post with no hidden fees, lock-in contracts, or minimums required. They pick up parcels from front doors Australia-wide, with the benefits of free tracking, affordable international rates, and sustainable shipping.

James has previously held roles as Executive Director, Development at the CSIRO, Australian National Commissioner for UNESCO, member of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology Advisory Board and Trustee for the Australian Museum.

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Sarah Hatter - Community & Customer Experience Maven

Sarah Hatter is the founder of CoSupport, a customer experience coaching and consulting firm founded in 2011. She wrote ‘The Customer Support Handbook’ back in 2014, and has since travelled the world training CX teams for startups and legacy brands like Disney, Dropbox, and Atlassian.

She also produces ElevateCX, an event series focused on growing the next generation of customer experience leaders. Through ElevateCX, Sarah has built up an engaged community of over 1,800 CX professionals, and produced over 30 ElevateCX events in 14 cities and three countries around the globe so far.

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Brent Weaver - CEO and Chief Guru at UGURUS

Brent Weaver leads the vision for UGURUS, a platform and set of educational programs which help digital agencies get more leads, win higher-value clients, and delight customers in a way which allows founders and owners to scale their businesses, whilst creating freedom in their professional and personal lives.

He built his first website at 15 and created his debut web-design business just two years later. That company grew into a successful 14-person web agency that was acquired in 2012, with Brent since going on to help thousands of other web professionals master business skills and make more than $10m as an entrepreneur himself.

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Kate DiLeo - Author and Brand Strategist

Kate DiLeo is a brand architect and #1 international bestselling author, whose approach is rooted in the belief that brand is the path of least resistance to revenue. She advocates for the elimination of complex and ineffective storytelling, by delivering simple yet provocative messages that tell prospects what you do, how you solve their problem, and how you differ from the competition. Brand conversations that convert being the outcome.

Having pursued her branding side hustle throughout much of her agency and corporate, Kate turned it into a full-time business in 2019. She has now partnered with more than 200 organisations across 20 sectors, helping them craft brands that bring more prospects to the table, more users who click, and more customers who buy.

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Sam Tatam - Author & Head of Behavioural Science at Ogilvy

Sam Tatam is the Global Principal and Head of Behavioural Science at Ogilvy Growth & Innovation. An awarded strategist and recognised pioneer of applied behavioural science, his experience stems from a background in Organisational / Industrial Psychology and advertising strategy, and a passion for understanding consumer behaviour at both a macro and micro scale.

He is also a published author, with his recently released book ‘Evolutionary Ideas: Unlocking Ancient Innovation to Solve Tomorrow’s Challenges’ exploring how behavioural science and evolutionary psychology can help us solve tomorrow’s challenges, not by divining something the world has never seen, but by borrowing from yesterday’s solutions – often in the most unexpected ways.

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Jay Tinkler & Neil Terry - Founders of Remarkably

In this episode of The Remarkable Project Jay and his Remarkably Co-Founder, Neil Terry, reflect on recent conversations with clients, collaborators and each other, around the idea that actively committing to truly customer-first approach is not merely an opportunity to refine, but also a vehicle for sustainable and strategic growth.

 From a look at why “it’s not all about you” seems to be a neglected perspective in many organisations, through to the implications of deep listening and the choice of language within customer communications, the pair muse on why the understanding the internal narratives of those you’re aiming to serve is ground zero for impact, co-creation and community.

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Dr Michael Rosemann - Director, QUT Centre for Future Enterprise

Dr Michael Rosemann is the Director of the Centre for Future Enterprise and a Professor for Information Systems at the Business School, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia. The Centre for Future Enterprise aims to identify, understand and professionalise those attributes that matter most to future enterprises, and their leaders.

Michael’s main areas of research are corporate innovation, revenue resilience, process management and trust management. His work is focused on creating compelling future worlds with today’s possibilities that make current practices obsolete. 

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Hayley Phillips - Former Marketing Manager at Volkswagen

Hayley Phillips has had an extensive career spanning many industries, including music, events, television and real estate, however the last decade has seen her active as a national marketer in the automotive industry.

She embodies “outside the box” thinking, thanks to an innovative and progressive attitude towards marketing, strategy and creative, and over the past five years at Volkswagen Group Australia, Hayley has led forward-thinking VW campaigns such as the award-winning Polo ‘Unfail’, the Effie award-winning ‘World’s Smallest Dealership’, and most recently, the ground-breaking ‘Golf GTI Ad Break Championship’.

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Stephen M.R. Covey - Bestselling Author and Speaker

Stephen M. R. Covey is world renowned as the New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Speed of Trust, which has been translated into 22 languages and has sold over 2 million copies worldwide. He is also the author of the newly released Wall Street Journal bestseller, Trust & Inspire: How Truly Great Leaders Unleash Greatness in Others.

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Gwyn Krueger - Head of Customer Experience - Meetup

Gwyn is  the Senior Director of Customer Experience at Meetup. The role sees him showing teams they’re capable of uncovering data insights and capturing customer anecdotes that can favourably influence product and design decisions, as well as delighting users.  Working with them to create content and programming that helps Meetup Organizers unlock the value of their growing communities, Gwyn has been instrumental in elevating the customer voice within product releases and marketing efforts via these teams.

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Lachlan Fea - Co-Founder of Cloutly

A technical marketer by trade, Lachlan Fea is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cloutly, a venture-backed reputation management platform on a mission to humanise the way businesses drive reviews and build trust with their customers.

He’s always been passionate about bringing teams of brilliant people together and letting them do their thing. So, when Cloutly took on a life of its own in late 2019, having started out as an internal tool of his digital marketing agency which delivered repeated success stories, he saw an opportunity to make that passion a reality.

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Shaun Kenny - Co-Founder of People of Influence

Shaun Kenny is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of People of Influence, a leadership and team development company based in Sydney that helps the world’s leading brands get the best out of people.

As an individual, Shaun is one of Asia Pacific’s most in-demand speakers and educators, having delivered over 1,000 sessions to over 150,000 people for over a decade with companies like Microsoft, Uber, Pepsi and American Express.  In his role as mentor and advisor, Shaun has an up close and personal perspective of the challenges executives and leaders are grappling with in this rapidly changing world of work. 

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Florencia Aimo - Area Director, Marketing, Marriott Int.

Over the past 18 years Florencia Aimo has built a successful career taking on numerous marketing roles on and above property with different hotel brands. Globally-minded and passionate about travel and hospitality, her journey has steered her to work in multiple cities including Buenos Aires, Miami, Cancun, Orlando and Sydney.

Florencia joined Marriott International in 2015 as the Director of Digital Marketing for Marriott Australia, where she led the execution of digital strategies for the business’ hotel brand portfolio. With the acquisition of Starwood Hotels, she became part of the company’s inaugural Area Team in the region, implementing brand, digital and communication programs across a portfolio of 40 hotels and 14 brands.

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Jay Van Bavel - Author and Associate Professor @ NYU

Jay Van Bavel is an Associate Professor of Psychology & Neural Science at New York University, an affiliate at the Stern School of Business in Management and Organizations, Director of the Social Identity & Morality Lab, and co-author of ‘The Power of Us: Harnessing Our Shared Identities to Improve Performance, Increase Cooperation, and Promote Social Harmony’. Prior to joining NYU, Jay completed his PhD at the University of Toronto and a Postdoctoral Fellowship at The Ohio State University.

From neurons to social networks, Jay’s award-winning research examines how collective concerns – group identities, moral values, and political beliefs – shape the mind, brain, and behaviour.

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Building a Remarkable Business with Neil Terry & Jay Tinkler

This episode of The Remarkable Project is a bit different. We’re taking a look back over the last month of the Podcast and using some of the key insights from those episodes as the jump off point for a series of actionable tips you can employ in your business today to help grow impact and profit.

We’ll also touch on whether our most recent run of conversations have got us any closer to answering the question of “how do you build a business that people feel compelled to talk about?”

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David Wachs - Founder & CEO of Handwrytten

A serial entrepreneur, David Wachs’ latest venture, Handwrytten, is bringing back the lost art of letter writing through scalable, robot-based solutions that write notes in pen to help brands and people connect. Developed as a platform and used by major meal boxes, eCommerce giants, non-profits and professionals, Handwrytten lets customers send notes from CRM systems such as Salesforce, websites, apps, or through custom integration.

David is also a frequent speaker on marketing technology and has presented for the Direct Marketing Association, South By Southwest, Advertising Research Foundation, and the National Restaurant Association. He’s been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, Variety, Washington Post and many more.

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Matt Barnett - Founder & CEO of Bonjoro

Matt Barnett is the brains behind Bonjoro, a business which helps its clients show their customers they care, via personalised but automated videos delivered direct to their email inbox as soon as they sign up, subscribe, or make a purchase.

A British designer by trade, Bonjoro is Matt’s second company. What started as a sales hack for an agency he was running in Sydney, Australia, the concept went from hack to side hustle to global business in the space of 18 months. It now has a team spanning five continents.

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Ted Molter - Former CMO of San Diego Zoo

Ted Molter has been deploying marketing and PR skills in the attractions industry to advance the mission of zoos, aquariums, and family-oriented experiences for over 30 years. With a deep love for animals, Ted has enjoyed a long career that included key leadership roles at SeaWorld Ohio and the CMO position for San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, where he led a rebranding program that drove revenues, donations and awareness.

Now, Ted describes himself as a “return on mission” specialist, and considers it his responsibility to find the intersection of passion and ration, ensuring that revenue growth provides a maximum benefit to mission, people and the organizations he works with and supports.

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Aaron Trevis - Founder and CEO of Surf Lakes

As the Founder and driving force behind the Surf Lakes project, Aaron Trevis has been instrumental in stewarding the journey of this technology concept from ideation to start-up and on to the global entity that is evolving today.

 Surf Lakes as an idea was born in 2013 from what Aaron would later describe as ‘a ripple’ – he was throwing rocks into water with his kids when it hit him, and a lot of research into how nature makes waves and how one swell interacts with multiple reefs and beaches. As a keen surfer himself, he has a well-stated mission to take waves to the masses so that the thrill of surfing can be shared and enjoyed by anyone regardless of ability or location.

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Mathew Hatcher - Entrepreneur and Mayor

Mat Hatcher was born in the US state of Alabama, but left when he was 19 and discovered Australia. Today, he definitely qualifies as an honorary Aussie thanks to his status as the youngest ever Mayor of Eurobodalla Shire on the south coast of New South Wales, a region which is home to visitor favourite Batemans Bay.

Prior to his appointment at the end of 2021, Mat was well known in and around the area for being an active presence in community affairs and support, jointly receiving Eurobodalla’s 2020 Local Hero Award for his bushfire recovery work.

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Thomas Kolster - Marketing and Sustainability Author/Advisor

Thomas Kolster has been described as a ‘post-purpose preacher’, thanks to his writing and speaking on the collision of marketing and sustainability, and advisory work for global businesses such as Facebook, Proctor & Gamble and IKEA around the topic. Thomas Kolster is a frontrunner and one of the most recognised thinkers globally where marketing, business and sustainability meet. He continuously challenges the status-quo with his vocal, and often provocative, views on values, purpose, and leadership. He proposes that in an over-crowded, do-good market, people don’t buy your values or your “why”, but rather who you can help them become.

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Dan Gingiss - Author, Speaker and Experience Maker

Dan is the author of two books, last year’s ‘The Experience Maker: How To Create Remarkable Experiences That Your Customers Can’t Wait To Share’ and 2017’s ‘Winning at Social Customer Care: How Top Brands Create Engaging Experiences on Social Media’. He also hosts the Experience This! Show podcast and The Experience Maker Show.

Dan Gingiss believes that a remarkable customer experience is your best marketing strategy. Prior to his current gig coaching, consulting, speaking and writing about exactly this subject, his 20-year professional career spanned multiple disciplines including customer experience, marketing, social media and customer service. He held leadership positions at McDonald’s, Discover and Humana.

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Ian Whitworth - Author and Entrepreneur

Ian Whitworth’s book ‘Undisruptable: Timeless Business Truths For Thriving In A World Of Non-Stop Change’, released in mid-2021 and the depths of a global pandemic, has been described by some as an instant Australian business classic. It has remained Booktopia’s #1 business book by customer review since its release.

Ian is testament to the fact that any fool can do it. His career followed a unconventional arc, starting at vet student and stopping in at amusement ride operator, restaurant cook and audio-visual technician, before arriving at advertising creative director.

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Keith Day - Bureau of Meteorology Australia

Following a retail background, Keith switched to the digital media industry, working on email marketing, web design and builds, loyalty programs, social media and data analysis. The past 13 years, including his latest post for the BOM, have been spent in a government marketing role, where he continues to contribute to a wide variety of projects, including customer contact centre management, market research, brand positioning, digital marketing and mobile apps, and, of course, data analytics.

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Roundtable - Standing Out in Your Sales Process

In this episode of The Remarkable Project Jay chews the fat with friend and business partner Neil Terry, as they tackle the topic of how to stand out in the sales process. Via a collaborative roundtable format featuring a handful of colleagues and listeners from all over, the pair touch on three powerful pillars which you can start using to support your selling and set you apart from the competition.

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Adam Schaeuble - Podcasting Coach

Adam Schaeuble is a full-time podcaster and podcasting business coach, as well as the host of top ranked listens on the craft of the cast, Podcasting Business School and Podcast Launch Tips. He helps podcasters of all shapes, sizes and specialities launch and grow their shows, so they can mobilise, monetise and increase the impact of their personal or professional brand and any associated business interests.

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Kelly Eastwood - Eastwoods at Bermagui

Working as a Home Economist and TV Food Producer for shows such as Masterchef, MKR, Better Homes and Gardens and The Great Australian Bake Off. The River Cottage Australia first brought Kelly to the Far South Coast of NSW, and it was there that she started her own business, Eastwood's Deli and Cooking School in picturesque Bermagui, hosting cooking lessons, pop-up dinners and coastal private catering events.

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Bo Burlingham - Business Author

Bo Burlingham has been writing about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship for 40 years, mostly for Inc. magazine, where he served as executive editor and then editor at large. Along the way, he has authored five books, the most recent being Finish Big: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top. On this episode though, we talk about his book Small Giants. A book about companies that choose to be great rather than big. 

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Brent Keltner - Sales Acceleration Expert

Brent Keltner, Ph.D. is founder and President of Winalytics LLC, a go-to-market and revenue acceleration consultancy. He is also author of the forthcoming book "The Revenue Acceleration Playbook".Winalytics helps clients achieve optimum growth potential by shifting from product-driven speeches to authentic conversations anchored in buyer-defined value.

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Jing Reilly - CyberPsychologist

Jing is a CyberPsychologist and a Human-Centric Consultant who works with clients to unlock the potential of their customers through a deep understanding of how they think, act and react online. She has worked for multinationals like Facebook and IBM, and has also helped grow a number of start-up companies to a total of €200m in acquisitions. Jing lives and works in Ireland with with her husband and two children.

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Darcy Smyth - Sales Growth Expert - Why Bravo

Darcy Smyth is a co-founder and director of Why Bravo. Why Bravo helps project-centric sales teams celebrate new company records globally by developing and deploying strategic thinking, deliberate sales and marketing plans, and unrivalled leverage within their industries to create significant growth. 

As a psychology specialist, he’s obsessive about human behaviour. This official background in the discipline means Darcy has been able to articulate the sales playbook clearly and comprehensively.

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Gabrielle Dolan - Author / Speaker - Magnetic Stories

Gabrielle Dolan is considered a global expert in business storytelling and real communication. She is a highly sought after international keynote speaker and best-selling author of seven books. Her latest – "Magnetic Stories" – was a finalist in two categories at the 2021 Australian Business Book Awards, as well as three in the recent International Book Awards.

Her client list is extensive, including the likes of Visa, Amazon, EY, Accenture, Telstra and Australia Post. The highlight of her career so far is meeting Barack Obama while delivering storytelling training for the Obama Foundation.

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David Meerman Scott - Co-Author - Fanocracy

David is an marketing strategist, entrepreneur, advisor and author. He is part of the Tony Robbins Business Mastery and also one of the founding marketing advisors to Hubspot.

I was keen to talk to him about his Wall Street Best-selling book "Fanocracy", which he co-wrote with his daughter Reiko. Their research talks about the behaviours and principles of fandom and how companies big and small can circle back to a more human approach to marketing while growing the business in a more organic and sustainable way.

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Phillip Di Bella - Founder - The Coffee Commune

Phillip Di Bella is an entrepreneur, business owner, marketeer and mentor. His unique ability to visualise and commercialise what many others may never see has been on display through establishment of Di Bella Coffee, which became Australia’s largest speciality coffee company, as well as third-party businesses such as International Coffee Traders and Abbotsford Road Specialty Coffee in New York. His latest venture, Brisbane-based The Coffee Commune, is dedicated to the long term development, sustainability and success of the broader coffee industry for all participants.

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Theron Skees - Veteran Imagineer & CEO

Theron Skees is a master story-teller and former Imagineering creative executive for the Walt Disney Company, where he oversaw design of their soon to be unveiled private island, a fleet of ships and new theme park lands and attractions around the world.

The Designer’s Creative Studio is Theron’s latest venture, a company focused on using storytelling solutions and experience design to drive business uplift and brand equity for clients, as well as on providing big thinking consultancy and mentoring.

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Brendan Kane - Author and Founder @ Hook Point

Brendan Kane has been described as an outside the box thinker who empowers brands to scale, expand and accelerate their business and influence.  He has acted as an innovation strategist for Fortune 500 corporations, brands, and celebrities including Taylor Swift, Rhianna, MTV and Yahoo!, helping them to unlock value and transform their businesses via his strategic approach and global network.

He is also a best-selling author of two books "Hook Point" and "One Million Followers" that weave powerful insights about how to build a business at pace and scale using social media.

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Paul Scurrah - CEO, Pacific National

Paul Scurrah is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific National, a role he was appointed to earlier this year. As Australia’s largest private rail freight company, Pacific National are integral in keeping Australia’s economy moving, and have been supporting the country’s supply chain since 1855.

Paul was the CEO of Virgin Australia when the pandemic hit and before that was the CEO at Queensland Rail and also had Non-executive Director roles at the Queensland Suns, AWH and Australia Post.

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Tim Duggan - Author & Editor-at-Large

Tim Duggan is a Sydney based author and new media entrepreneur, as well as a firm believer in using the power of business for good. Tim Duggan is a new media entrepreneur who has co-founded several digital media ventures, most notably Junkee Media, the leading digital publisher for young Australians. Tim has created many award-winning media titles including Junkee, Punkee, Same Same and AWOL, and is currently Editor-at-Large after selling the company to oOh! media in 2016.

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Jay Tinkler - What did we learn from Season One?

What have you learned over the last 9 episodes of The Remarkable Project? Have there been any major takeaways for you?

Well today on the Remarkable Project you have just me – Jay Tinkler! As we finish off Season One of The Remarkable Project I wanted to have a look at where we are at with answering the question how you build a business that people feel compelled to talk about.

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Jessica Ducrou - Co-CEO Secret Sounds Group

Jess Ducrou is co-CEO of Secret Sounds, a Live Nation partner, and producer of music festivals including Splendour In The Grass and Falls Music and Arts Festival along with its large portfolio of companies including Secret Sounds Touring and Village Sounds (promotions).

Apart from her extreme business success she has also recognised and featured as the highest ranked woman on the music industry list “The Power 50” for many years.

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Roger Dooley - Best-Selling Author

Roger Dooley, international keynote speaker, writer, author, and founder of Dooley Directs consultancy, shares his expert knowledge about the intriguing relationship between science and business. He highlights research-backed tactics that any marketers or business owner can use to grow their business and connect with consumers.

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Joe Brumm - Creator of Bluey

An extraordinary animator, story teller and father, Joe is best known as the creator of Bluey - an animated series on ABC and Disney about a family of Blue Heelers. Although Joe and his team would never have forecasted the amazing popularity of his "little" show, families from around Australia (and now beyond) have adopted these characters into there homes. Bluey's awards are testament to the remarkable nature of this story and the community that has been created around it.

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James Bartle - Founder of Outland Denim

After being impacted by the movie "Taken", James committed to making an impact on the world through creating a denim company that's mission is to redefine the term "ethical fashion".

Through his dogged determination and single-purpose vision, James has not only caught the attention of many celebrities and fashion leaders but also bravely paved a clear path for the fashion industry. James has some incredible understanding of building a trusted brand and the importance of impact in business generally.

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Darren Ross - COO of the Magic Castle Hotel

Darren Ross is not only the creative COO of the Magic Castle Hotel in Los Angles but also the owner of Service Freak Hospitality a customer service business that helps businesses become "freaks" of their industry.

Darren's simple philosophy of "Listen Carefully. Respond Creatively." has allowed him to not only have the Magic Castle be unexpectedly listed as one of the top places to stay on Trip Advisor but also be acknowledged in customer experience books such as "The Power of Moments" by Dan and Chip Heath.

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B. Joseph Pine II - Author, Speaker & Management Advisor

Joseph Pine has been described as the Godfather of the Customer Experience field. He is the co-author of "The Experience Economy", an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and management advisor.

Joseph has been committed to highlighting to businesses that their product or service is not enough to grow and that truly successful businesses focus on the customised, remarkable experiences to not only withstand the speed at which competition and innovation effects business but grow in spite of it.

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Paul Zak - Neuroeconomist

Paul was one of the first scientists to integrate neuroscience and economics into a new discipline: neuroeconomics. His research has identified the brain processes that support such behaviors as trustworthiness, generosity, and sacrifice.

Paul has a fascination with how to reduce the amount of wasted energy in creating experiences that are of no actual value to the end user. Instead looking at ways to harness brain imaging to understand what truly delights our customers and focusing our efforts on only those things.

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Saul Colt - Founder - The Idea Integration Company

Saul has been described as one the world's most knowledgable Word of Mouth marketing minds. As one of the first employees at Freshbooks and ZipCar, Saul has gone onto work with companies such as Xero and Foxtel creating memorable experiences and viral campaigns.

I am looking forward to talking to Saul about how we can establish engaged communities that are valuable in their own right.

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Jesse Cole - Founder of Fans First Entertainment

Jesse Cole is the founder of Fans First Entertainment and owner of two multimillion-dollar summer league baseball teams, the Gastonia Grizzlies and the Savannah Bananas. He's been featured on MSNBC and as a keynote speaker all over the country, promoting his motto "If it's normal, do the exact opposite."

I have been a fan for a while of Jesse's creative process and the risks he takes to create experiences that not only are unexpected but truly "fans first".

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