This Podcast seeks to answer one simple question. 

How do you build a business that people feel compelled to talk about?

James Bartle - Outland Denim

Have you really looked into the impact that your business has on the lives of others? Does your purpose align with your values?

James Bartle, Founder of Outland Denim, speaks on the importance of having a purpose in business and how he’s translated his purpose into an empowering tool for staff, stakeholders, and customers. He also gives you practical advice for evaluating the impact of your business on the world and sheds light on what he would’ve done differently as a business owner.



James and his wife, Erica, founded Outland Denim after witnessing first-hand the devastating global issue of sex trafficking and slave trade. With the fashion industry grappling with a reputation for being one of the worst contributors to slave trade and climate change, Outland Denim refuses to be one of the bad guys.

Thus, they’re sitting at the forefront of sustainability and global citizenship, giving work to victims of human trafficking, making denim with less energy and water than competitors, and staying dedicated constant innovation.

Listen in to learn how this denim-loving Aussie is sparing the Earth of harm, elevating women, and creating lasting generational impact through disruptive fashion… and how you can too!

Takeaway points:

  • Having a clear, long-term vision helps you stay focused and driven on your business goals and growth. Though, with a strong long-term vision, comes the need for a strong strategy.
  • To change the world through business, James measures the social, environmental, and economic impact of the business.
  • Customers can tell when a company is greenwashing, or manipulating consumers into thinking they are sustainable and eco-conscious. Be transparent, be committed to sustainability, and prove to your customers that you care.
  • Your story is the single most important part of your business because it is real and authentic. If it isn’t, your community will see through it.
  • Your purpose is your super power. Always keep it at the centre of your business.
  • Strive to get buy-in from your employees, rely on their strengths, and be honest and transparent with them.
  • Create authentic, easy-to-share content that aligns with your values. Once you do that, your most aligned customers will become attracted to you.


[8:31] If we were able to harness the benefits that the Western world enjoy, to be able to challenge the injustices that many parts of our world face every single day, then what would the outcome be?

[16:30] It is proven time and time and time again that because we have this very powerful narrative associated with our product, where our product directly becomes the agent for change… our products have the ability to activate a cycle of freedom. How many products in the market could actually say something like that?

[36:30] I don’t believe until you’re really authentic and true and honest about who you are as a brand that you’ll actually attract your audience anyway. So, I really do believe it’s about attracting your audience rather than trying to be everything to everyone.

[42:03] Above everything, the one thing I ask of people to be able to align with this movement is that they question what their own values are… that will be the greatest guiding force for them moving into the future.

[46:19] It doesn’t matter what your purpose is, but it does need to be genuine and authentic so that we can change the problems that we face every day… Our job as business owners is to solve problems.

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