This Podcast seeks to answer one simple question. 

How do you build a business that people feel compelled to talk about?

Jing Reilly - CyberPsychologist 

We have spoken a lot about the physical experience that you give to your customers but what about the online experience? How often are you helping your customers feel connected to your business and community online?

On the Remarkable Project this week, we have Jing Reilly. Jing is a CyberPsychologist and a Human-Centric Consultant who works with clients to unlock the potential of their customers through a deep understanding of how they think, act and react online. She has worked for multinationals like Facebook & IBM, and has also helped grow a number of start-up companies to a total of €200m in acquisitions. Jing lives and works in Ireland with with her husband and two children.


During the episode, Jing touches on why it’s important to understand the power of technology in the context of the human condition, she shows us how having a strong understanding of how the human brain works is crucial to not only improving our bottom line but also making the world a better place. She also talks to us about the ingredients needed for a successful community and how it all starts from inside your business.

Takeaway points:

  • Understanding the impact of technology on humans is super-important for generations to come.
  • The psychological impact of algorithms and AI
  • How Pepsi used identity psychology to talk to a whole generation of potential customers.
  • The pillars needed to create and grow a successful physical community.
  • How confirmation bias gets used in mainstream marketing to influence our buying decisions.

    Remarkable Quotes

    “It’s never about technology, it’s always about people”

    “Community is just a by-product of your attention”

    “Businesses need to accept that the power has shifted – from companies to customers. Companies are not controlling their marketing strategy anymore, it’s the customers that do. The customer has the power..”

    “For businesses to drive a certain action from their customers, we need to understand their motivations”

    Relevant References

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