This Podcast seeks to answer one simple question. 

How do you build a business that people feel compelled to talk about?

Ben Johnston - Director at Evocative  

In this weeks Remarkable Conversation we speak with Ben Johnston from Evocative. Ben and I look at the importance of doing a yearly performance review on your brand to ensure it is still telling the right story.
Evocative is a brand design company based in Brisbane, Australia that work organisations to invent or reinvent brands to not only allow their clients to think and act more deliberately but also inspire a sense of forward progression that can drive growth and attract more of the right type of clients.


In this episode we cover:

- Why it is important to complete a performance review on your brand yearly.
- The three questions you should ask of your business.
- How consistency is key to the delivery of your brand and how that can wane over time.
- How brand is about the graphics as well as behaviours of the company and how they connect.

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